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Autoclicker for Windows with a modern user interface.
Unlike many other autoclickers, it is open source.

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Our underline functions


Change Theme

There are two themes to choose from: dark and light. Choose the theme you want


Change Hotkey

Select the desired Hotkey to activate the mouse clicker


Change Mouse Button

You can choose whether you want to use the right or left mouse key


Change Click Type

Change the click type, there are several options to choose from


Repeat Specified Times

Customize the time to activate the mouse clicker, alternate or use constantly


Click At Given Coordinates

Specify clickable corrdinates. There can be more than one coordinate

More than 5000+ people are using our MouseClicker

underline About us

MouseClicker is software that automatically generates and sends mouse clicks to specific locations on the screen without user input. This can be useful when multiple clicks or repetitive actions are required without the need for physical human involvement.

MouseClicker can be used in a variety of scenarios. For example, apply in games to automatically click on certain buttons to complete tasks, level up, or get resources. MouseClicker can also be useful in automating repetitive tasks such as filling out forms, clicking on certain interface elements or performing other monotonous operations.

Frequently Asked underline Question

Probably this is the best feature which our software have - it's very easy to set up even for beginner in Windows OS. Best mouse clicker requires only basic knowledge of how will you use our software. Display layout is very easy to understand and you are only few clicks away to automate your required process with best mouse clicker.

We are very confident with answer to this question - 100% it's safe to use mouse clicker. We are team of professional and we are allways testing our software before releasing it over the web. You can start to use best mouse clicker with being fully confident about it.

Absolutely yes ! Our auto clicker is suitable for any Windows OS. Your can use it as auto clicker for chromebook as well as you can use it for any other kind of desktop & laptop device, which have any version of Windows OS.

Of course. Our mouse clicker is probably the best auto clicker for Roblox. You can automate any of your tasks where you need to click mouse multiple times. It's also usable in any other video game which your are fan of. Try our auto clicker today & get the best experience.

We are providing absolutely free & full version of our auto clicker. There is no payment required to use our software and our main goal is to keep it as promise in future as well. We are constantly trying to improve our auto clicker and we expect that all of our future upgrades will be free as well. Enjoy best mouse clicker free !

At the moment our mouse clicker is suitable only for Windows OS. But in short future we are dedicated to complete our update for iOS as well. We will keep our clients notified about any realesed updates. Keep us on track and get latest news about our mouse clicker update!